Just one more of those "curiosity brooches" laying around in my home. Always thought I'd learn something about it but never have. It is super detailed and all that gold work has been laid on (applied) by the artist. We tested the gold overlay, it passed the 18 Karat level and may be 24K. At least we know for certain it is 18 Karat Gold or better. It's very old and I would guess Scandinavian or Russian. T is a mark which has 4 holes and makes a cross within a circle. That is near center, and to the left t is an "L" This is some kind of metal, not crackled porcelain as it looks. It is 2 inches across by 1 1/2" tall. If anyone out t may have more information on this maker, I'd love to know, and I will post to share with all. I think it's an old, exciting piece, and wish I knew the building palace or castle depicted THIS WILL SHIP FOR 2 OUNCES (1.34 within USA, and 2.20 or less to all other worldwide destinations.) Thanks To view all my items, simply click on this link!! other items