Antique 18th C. mother of pearl gouache painted fan éventail abanico ventaglio

You are bidding on an exceptional, very precious 1770’s European folding fan. The thin mother of pearl sticks are pierced, engraved, silvered and gilded. The central cartouche shows a couple in a garden. The gentleman is raising his glass to the lady who is sitting on a table.

The double mounted paper leaf painted in gouache and gold depicts a stage-like scene. An oriental queen is sitting on her throne and receives a kneeling man in audience. In the background, a female servant is setting the large oval table which stands under a wide blue drapery. On the right, you can see another gentleman in oriental costume with a servant holding his red train; on the left, a lady is sitting next to a vase. The scene is flanked by rich flower and gold ornaments. The reverse shows a shepherdess and a soldier on an idealized island.

The fan is not in perfect condition and has been restored in the past. The upper part of the front guard stick as well as a part of one of the inner sticks has been professionally replaced. The sticks have several old mother of pearl repairs on the reverse and also splits in the leaf that have been repaired. Some removed traces of old adhesive tape as well as some retouches are still visible. Nevertheless, the fan opens and closes smoothly. It is still very representative with fresh colours and would
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