ANTIQUE 1900s Nippon Hand Painted Vase W/Gold Leaf!

Early 1900s Nippon Hand Painted Vase W/Gold Leaf! NR!


Antique collectors listen up! Up for auction is a very rare Nippon 7" Round Vase from the Early 1900's. This vase is in great condition and is an excellent example of turn of the century Nippon china. The rose graphics are still bright and beautiful as is the gold leaf on the vase body! This vase has been single-family owned for at over the last 50 years and was considered an antique when first purchased. Take advantage of this opportunity to add this nice piece of Nippon china to your collection. Thank you for looking and good luck! Bid Now for best pricing! About Nippon China The word used in the back stamp of famous Asian china, "Nippon," simply means "Japan." Nippon china was produced for export to the United States beginning in 1865, when the country ended its long period of commercial isolation, and ending in 1921, when the United States enforced the McKinley Tariff act which prohibited the import of items which were not "plainly marked, stamped, branded or labeled in legible English words." As Nippon was considered the Japanese word for the country of origin, "Japan" being the English equivalent, the period of the Nippon china mark came to an end. While Japan had a long period of porcelain manufacturing, dating back centuries with its close
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