Antique 1908 MM Motorcycle Marsh & Metz Brockton Ma Original Salesman Brochure

Here is an original 1908 Salesman Brochure from American Motor Co., Brockton, MA of the various models of Marsh & Metz cycles from that year including pricing and options. Booklet is in near mint condition and truly a museum piece. I recovered several early motorcycle manuals from a collector I purchased his motorcycle license plate collection from several years ago and this was one of the items included. Beautiful 15 page booklet with no flaws at all as it has been stored in a top load container since being acquired. Truly a fine collector piece.

"With the success of the Metz motorcycle, Charles Metz joined into a partnership with David Marsh, who was the designer of the first Waltham watch. Marsh had already begun the Marsh Motorcycle Company in Brockton, Massachusetts in 1905, and the merger between the two created the "American Motorcycle Company" in Brockton. It was here that the "Marsh-Metz," also known as the "M-M" was born."

"The newly formed American Motorcycle Company built its first two-cylinder engine in 1906, a 4 horsepower 1000cc v-twin that powered the MM (Marsh Metz)."

But both Indian and Harley were upstaged in the history books (generally unread, it appears), by a Massachusetts bicycle concern called the Waltham Manufacturing Company founded in 1893 by one Charles H. Metz. The name of his machine,
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