antique 1917 Western Sewing Machine wood case WORKS !!


t is a fancy metal plate screwed onto the motor :
patented May 22, 1917

115 ac / dc volts
no B258522A

plate on machine:

needleinformation is on another plate

the case locks, t is a turn knob on one side that locks both sides

machine measures
15 long x 7 wide x 10 tall

case measures :
20 long x 9-1/4 wide x 14 tall

foot pedal and cords are too
foot pedal works great, easy pushing etc..

This sewing machine runs - Good. We plugged it in and it ran as fast as my new Kenmore does. Not any more noisey than a modern machine either.
T are fancy designs all over the machine, some wear in the designs, as seen in photos, but still beautiful.

Solid wood case has a fancy inlay design on the front facing side and a wooden handle on top
t is a bit of corner edge wear or dents on corner edges, but over all the case is good and it is in sturdy condition

T is a slide out lid that reveals a notions holder cubby hole, with some old notions inside

This machine is wonderful, I cannot believe the good condition of it, considering its age. I was surprised at how well it ran !

Aquired at an estate sale auctions, we do not know the age,
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