Antique 1920's ART DECO Egyptian Sphinx Lamp Astrology

Great Art Deco lamp from the late 20's or early 30's (sometime after the discovery of Tut's tomb). Original condition - old cloth-covered cord and copper-colored wash over very heavy solid-cast metal (not sure if it's iron or white metal or other).Quite a bit of finish loss on base - but little loss on middle and top pieces. Both the center piece and the top cupola/finial piece are lines with pieces of red slag glass - I'm not sure if they are original (and they are easily replaced with a different color glass if so desired). The 4 sphinxes on the base are solid and have nice detail. The rim of the base is a bit "warped" on one side - I think it was probably cast that way (it is visible in the second picture on the side nearest you). The middle piece still fits into it and when together it is not really visible - but I need to mention it because it is very noticeable when the lamp is apart. I'm afraid these pictures aren't very good - when the lamp is together and lit the finish doesn't look too bad - but in flash shot close-ups it looks rougher than it is. This lamp has details that are very astrological looking (it's my wife's and she's an astrologer). Base is 9" wide and lamp is 13" tall. Weighs 11 pounds without packing - so it is expensive to ship and I recommend Parcel Post to save some money (but if you want to get it quicker ... read more