Antique 1930s Harwood National League Baseball - Rubber Center - New Condition

Offered for Sale, an Antique Harwood National League Baseball - early 1930s - New Condition, with Box.
Here is your opportunity to own an ORIGINAL 1930s (pre-1934) Harwood National League Baseball, with the original box. Don't pass up this amazing piece of Collectible baseball history!
This Harwood Baseball, is brand-new, and accompanied by the original Box. The box is deteriorating with age - that's the only reason it's open; because the sealing-strip has broken, and it is falling apart. The Baseball has never been used, and has only been handled using inspection gloves. The ball has not been varnished or waxed or coated in any way to preserve it - it is just as it was manufactured, just as it came out of the box - ready to use. The original wrapping paper is also included, but has also become very fragile with age. The remarkable thing about this Harwood Ball (and even the box), is its extraordinary condition - given that it is between 80 and 90 years old. The ball is production-stamped on the sweet-spot:
The panel above the sweet-spot is production-stamped with the HARWOOD Trademark . The panel below the sweet-spot is production-stamped: NO. ON 5 OZ. 9 IN. RUBBER CENTER HORSEHIDE COVER
The specification stamped on this ball noting its RUBBER CENTER, indicates that it's from
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