Antique 1932 Planters Peanut Glass Display Jar Lid

1932 Planters Peanut Clear Glass Counter Jar

Up for auction is a large, clear Planters Peanut "Four Corner" Display Peanut Jar that I recently came across at an estate sale. This jar is made of fairly thick clear glass and measures 11 3/4" in height without the lid. With the lid, add approx. another 2" (total just under 14"). I find this jar very unusual because of the 4 faux peanuts protruding from four corners, with the name Planters running vertically between each peanut. The peanuts have little dents in them replicating the uneven feel of a peanut shell. The words "Made in U.S.A.A" are imprinted on the bottom (see photo). In order to date this jar I recently bought, on Ebay of course, a Planters Peanut 1906-1961 Collectibles book and luckily this jar was photographed and dated as 1932. In regards to any flaws, please note what I have observed: on the rim at the top of the jar is a chip approx. 1" (see photo). T's one other tiny chip measuring 1/8" on the same rim. You can really only notice that if you run your finger around the edge. The lid has a peanut for a handle and has two edges. T is a 1/8" chip on the outer edge (see photo), and just a couple of tiny chips that you can feel only if you run your finger around the inner edge. At times, in certain light, I notice just a hint of yellow color in the lid. This really
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