Antique 1/2L German Beer Stein by Merkelbach "White City" Advertising - Chicago

This is an antique 1/2L German Beer Stein by Merkelbach & Wick, mold #1153, with a special advertising pennant on the lid for "White City" and the date of 1905 inscribed on the pewter rim. The stein itself depicts a woman on a bench, sleeping or totally exhausted, while two gentlemen stand looking at her, the nearest examining her closely through a monocle, perhaps to see if she is actually asleep.
The enameled pennant on the lid with white enamel and gold lettering says "White City", which was an amusement park in Chicago, named after the buildings in the Columbian Exposition of Chicago, held in 1893. There is a newspaper clipping, which was inside the stein that tells the story of the amusement park:
"White City was sometimes called the city of a million electric lights, because a famous tower of steel covered with electric lights was in the center of the grounds. The illumination could be seen from fifteen miles south and southeast. The park was conceived by Aaron Jones, whose dream was to build an amusement park similar to the midway at the Columbian Exposition. Jones had built up a small bankroll operating penny arcades in the Loop and the rest of the money for the venture came from his landlord. The thirteen acre tract that became White City was formerly a cornfield bounded by 63rd and 66th streets and bounded by
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