ANTIQUE 8 Milk Bottles RARE Opener BASKET Bowman Dairy

HUGE COLLECTIBLE LOT: Bowman Dairy Company EIGHT (8) Bottles, Basket and BOTTLE OPENERS! (1) Milk Bottle BASKET, 18.5" x 8.5" x 9" tall, made of what looks like galvanized metal/steel. Some rust, but SOLID as a rock! (2) TWO Different BOTTLE OPENERS: First one is 6" long x 1.5" wide with a Round top featuring a Bottle CAP opener and pointed end. Both sides read Bowman Dairy Company. Second one is 5" x 1" wide with spiked end reads, "Bowman Dairy Co. Strictly Fresh Eggs Daily, PatApdFor," and "Please Return Bottles Promptly" on the other side. (3) One OLD QUART bottle measuring 9" tall, 4" bottom & 2" top. Front has large "B: One Quart Sealed; Back says, " This bottle Property of And Filled By Bowman Dairy Company", and bottom has large "B" and number "33" embossed in a circle. (4) One OLD PINT 7.5" tall, 3" bottom, 2" top ONE PINT Bottle. Similar info as Old Quart, but bottom reads large "B", and "S" embossed within a circle, and the number 27 along outside edge. (5) OLD 12 OZ. BUTTER or CREAM JAR, 5" tall, 3.25" bottom and top. Large "B, Property of Bowman Dairy Company, 12 oz. Net" on Front; the initials "MTC" are on the side, large "B, Chicago, ILL, Not Sold" on side, and "35" on the bottom. (6) OLD Half Pint BUTTER or Cream Jar, 3.5" x 3" x 2.75" at top, says "This Bottle Property of and Filled By," "Half Pint Sealed, Not ... read more