Antique 800 or 900 Silver & Finely Carved Shell CAMEO & Marcasite Clip Earrings

All The Facts & Condition : As Titled (Antique "Art Deco" Era; c.1920s; Perhaps Older); Additional Facts: As Always, PLEASE refer to My Photographs Above for Detailed Images of what you will receive in the Post; Unsigned/Unbranded --- Vendor/Manufacturer Unknown; Likely Italian in terms of Origin; With these Beautiful and Hand-Carved "Mirror Image" Shell Cameo Earrings housed within 800 or 900 Silver Frames (Due to the level of oxidation on BOTH their Frames & Hinged Clips, I'm guessing these to be the latter of the two!), which are peppered with UBER sparkly and channel-set Marcasite stones; BOTH of these Hand-Carved Shell Cameos are finely featured in high relief as pictured above; "Very Good" Condition; With the frame of ONE of these Cameo Earrings displaying a lost/missing Marcasite stone (I can replace this Marcasite for the High-Bidder for an additional $5.00 after the close of auction); Yes, that IS their ORIGINAL Patina, We have NOT attempted to Clean/Polish these Earrings.
Overall Measurements : Earrings measure 7/8ths-of-an-Inch Long, are 5/8ths-of-an-Inch at their Widest Widths and 3/8ths-of-an-Inch Deep; Earrings feature a TOTAL weight of 4.3 Grams.
***** Spectacular Personal Indulgence or Memorable Gift *****