Up for bid is an old antique Ajax two handed post drill press. This old press is in good condition. It cranks smooth. I think it all , but I may be wrong as this is the only one I have ever seen. When I got it it was covered in years of dirt and grime. I spent a full day just cleaning it up. It looks nice. The only two things I can see that is wrong with this drill press is that it has a bushing out of the chuck shaft and it has some play. The two hand cranks are adjustable for more or less leverage and a clamp holds them in place. The left side clamp is missing and someone at one time used the greatest invention of all time to make the up for the lost clamp, baling wire. It is wraped around the handles and is very secure and works fine. One of the pictures shows this. Other than these two things this press in in good condition. It will fold down and the wood it is mounted on is all in good shape. When the press is standing up it is 27" tall. When you fold it down including the press and the wood base its total length is 32" long. If you are wanting to use this press, I'm sure a bushing could be made to tighten up the shaft. If you are just wanting to display it or just like antique tools this one is clean with a fresh coat of linseed oil and is ready to display.

Any questions ask before bidding and I will answer you as soon
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