Antique Aladdin Crystal oil lamp with Chrome hardware Washington Drape desirable

If you seen my other auction with the Model B with the Washington Drape design, then you know that I also have this one up for grabs which is also an antique War era Aladdin oil lamp Model C with the chrome/silver? top hardware. This one also does not have a globe and may require just a tad of TLC. The chrome top is dented just a little, but not quite as bad as my other one that is brass. This one does not have the wick or wick hardware like the other one or, perhaps, it is made differently. The only place on this lamp that I see any chipping is under the brass or copper cap where you pour your oil. This is not visible unless the cap is off. This cap is sort of beat up, but still holds its function. This lamp is also marked with an A on the bottom. This lamp came out of an old barn where it had been stored for years. Like the other one that I have up for auction, I have cleaned this one, but it will need just a bit more cleaning. The patterns on the lamps are different, but similar enough to make them look like a pair. Excellent piece for the collector to tinker with and bring it back to light. I will accept Paypal only. Low bid starting price! Have Fun!