Antique Alemite Grease Gun / Oil Dispenser - 5 Gallon

This is an auction for an antique Alemite Grease Gun / Oil Dispenser.

This Alemite Grease Gun / Oil Dispenser, for lack of a better term, is at least 50-years old. It came from an old Oklahoma homestead that was abandoned in the mid-1950s. The grandson of the previous owner gave it to me because he knew I collected old tools and equipment.

Please refer to the photos as you read the following description.

It appears to be a 5-gallon size. It is 17" high and 33" in circumference at the top and 22" in circumference at the bottom and is oval shaped. Its width from the end of one leg to its opposite leg is 13". It is 27" high from the bottom to the top of the handle.

The round opening in the top cover is 4" and can be opened for adding grease / oil.

The handle is 18" long and has the word "Alemite" in raised letters on one side. The trigger under the handle is 5" long. The pump housing is 9" from the cover to the top of the housing. And yes, the handle works.

The discharge hose is 5 feet long. The hose end doesn't have a nozzle. The hose is made of woven metal threads and is moderately flexible. The hose at one time was covered with rubber. The rubber is gone and the hose is rusty.

As the photos show, the outside is gray in color and and has rust. T is no rust on the inside.
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