Antique American Brilliant Cut Glass Marks Scarce Book

Hundreds of black-and-white photographs with identifying captions supplement a rich narrative which reviews in-depth antique AMERICAN BRILLIANT CUT GLASS . By Bill and Louise Boggess, Crown Publishers, NY, 1977.
This comprehensive book is a collector's guide, with over 600 pieces of cut glass illustrated and described. In addition to identifying this art glass by catalog name and manufacturer, this informative text also reviews signatures. The black-and-white illustrated pieces represent the sort all collectors can find today rather than museum rarities. Most important - to both the novice and advanced collector - this text tells how and w to find and recognize genuine old cut glass in today's era of misleading imports and reproductions. The problem of repairing cut glass is examined in detail, and the book provides simple clues for detecting mismatched pieces (lids and covers, stoppers, and underplates that do not belong together), since both repairs and "marriages" detract from value. The book covers by chapter: Crystal Gazing; Artistry in Glass; Identification by Motif; Identification by Pattern; Identification by Signature; The Buying Game; Evaluating Cut Glass; and Helpful Tips for the Collector. The Appendix includes: Signatures, and Index of Illustrated Patterns. All in all, no collector, dealer, or appraiser will

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