Antique American Indian Basket Papago Yuma Pima 1890 -

This American Indian basket, I think Papago or Yuma INDIAN basket, was inherited from my Great Aunt. She bought it on her wedding trip out West and had a story to tell about it. She told me two different Indians from different tribes were selling baskets and as she looked them over each one told how their basket was better than they others. "PIMA, no good" one man told her. The other Indian I thought she said was "PUMA" and the PIMA indian said "PUMA, no good, buy PIMA basket ". Now I don't know if I heard her right those years ago, bec/ I don't see a Puma tribe....perhaps she said Papago or Yuma. I think it looks Papago. She passed away at 94 yrs old and my Mom has passed away now too. Anyway, my Great Aunt bought one from each Indian craftsman. This is the second of the two baskets I am selling.

This basket is 7.25" across the top and 4.5" across on the bottom. TO me it is in PERFECT breaks, no holes, no loose ends. It is most likely made of willow grass and devils claw grass. It has been kept all these years in first my Aunts cedar chest, then my Moms and then mine. I am positive of the age. 1890-1910. Probably more specifically 1899-1901. This basket will be wrapped carefully and double boxed for shipment. I know it will make some collector delighted.

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