ANTIQUE AMISH? SHAKER? LEATHER SEWING BAG & BOX SEWING KIT (Up this week: Some really terrific antique & vintage sewing & textile items, including Shaker & Amish items. Don't miss out!!)
Another very unusual antique leather sewing item (please see also my black leather Amish sewing box / handbag I have up this week). This unusual 19th century sewing bag / reticule sits on top of a sewing box with a snap closure. Inside the moire-lined box are a few thread spools and a packet of needles. T are holders for sewing tools.
Since this is also made of black leather similar to the Amish bag I have listed this week, I suspect it might be Amish made. However, the Shakers also made leather sewing items, although usually of brown leather. And the Shakers often used silk moire cloth that lines the leather bag and box.
Regardless of the maker, this is a rare and wonderful find for the antique & vintage sewing collector.
CONDITION: It's in very good condition with a little bit of wear. T is one small tear to the leather on the back, not very noticeable. I have not tried to clean or polish it, but it would probably benefit from a buffing with leather polish.
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