Antique ~ ANSONIA CLOCK CO. ~ Wood Shelf/Mantle Clock

Ansonia Clock Co., New York, U.S.A.
This old Ansonia mantle/shelf clock was purchased at an estate sale in Southern California about 10 years ago, it survived a long distance move and has been in storage for the last three years. Once we found the pendulum, a few turns with the key, and it was keeping pretty good time, it did stop a couple times during the 2 or 3 weeks that we ran it, so it probably needs to be cleaned, oiled or both..
At the bottom of the dial face the clock is marked: Mfg. By Ansonia Clock Co. New York,U.S.A, the movement is marked with the same information plus the number 4 1/2, the key may not be the original but it fits the stem for both springs, the clock strikes on the hour and on the half, the pendulum has an adjustment for fast and slow and t is also fine adjustment at the top of the dial face (no key), the wood case appears to have the original finish with a cover for the back, the columns and pedestal feet are all in tact, t is some some tarnish to the brass around the the glass cover and discoloration on the dial. Dimensions: 12" high x 13" wide x 6" deep.
As is the case with all old or antique items the clock isn't perfect but just the fact that it's still functional is a good sign that it's been taken care of, we've added several images to the listing
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