Antique Arabic engraved "Mummy's Money Ghost" Brass Pitcher

There is Arabic engraved on this item as shown in photos. Size: 15.5 inches in height and 5.5 inches in width at the widest part of base.
Asked an Egyptian friend to translate the Arabic and was told it means "Mummy's Ghost Money" or "Mummy's Money Ghost"
Handle and lid are beautifully joined to the body of this jug by hammered nails. Handle is made of thick and chunky brass. Every thing in this jug/pitcher is heavy and chunky and puts light at the Rich Vintage time it has seen. Beautiful piece of art for sale.
Please see photos showing the condition of the item. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Another sold recently on ebay (with more tarnishing) for nearly $325 + shipping. Consider this a deal. See last photo for proof.