Antique Arcade Coffee Grinder - Mill Original Glass, Tin Catch Cup and it Works

This is an antique Arcade Coffee Grinder - Mill. It hung in our kitchen while I was growing up and we used it to grind our coffee beans. It has been used, but it still works fine. It is 15 1/2" tall and mounts to a wall. The only thing marked "Arcade" is the top cover. I believe all parts are original but maybe a bolt or nut has been replaced over time. The glass has no cracks but it has some very tiny chips in the top cover. I haven't taken in apart but I can't see any chips in the bottom but guess there might be some tiny ones there too. There are bubbles in the glass, typical of the old glass.
This grinder weighs 3 1/2 pounds unpacked so plan on a package of 4-5 pounds. I do not accept returns. I pack my items very well and I do charge a little bit for packing materials. Insurance is up to the buyer. Please let me know if you want it insured. I usually ship within 24 hours but I do not ship on the weekends.
Thanks for checking out this neat old grinder.