Antique Art Deco 1920s-30s Amethyst, Sterling Silver & Gold Lavaliere Necklace

Antique Art Deco 1920s-30s Handmade Amethyst & Sterling Silver Lavaliere Necklace With Gold Wash Accents and Gorgeous Granulation Work!
13.59 Grams
This is a lovely, lovely piece of jewelry! A combination of great design, great skill, and great materials is an excellent formula for creating classic beauty that stands on its own in any fashion environment!
Size: This stunning antique necklace is 18 inches end to end. The decorated arc is 3 and 1/2 inches tip to tip, and 3/4 inch at the widest point in the middle.
Stones: There are 3 mint purple oval, faceted amethysts. This is an unusually deep color for a silver setting. There is no opening behind the stone settings to accentuate the light, so the lovely glitter is all within the stones, themselves. The largest amethyst is 3/8th inch by 1/4 inch, flanked by two 1/4 by 3/16th inch ovals set on an angle. All are set in deep wraparound silver bezels.
Details: The The larger stone is flanked by two long ovals with rose gold wash, with a gold wash circle beneath. Then we come to the graceful, sinuous curls and swirls! All are accented by very small granulated silver beads. Granulation is a silversmithing technique that requires great skill in forming and setting such small beads. This was done by a master silversmith! Each end of the arc attaches to an
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