Antique Art Deco Die Cast Chandelier VTG 1930s Hanging Ceiling Light Fixture

Sold for the purposes of refinishing/repairing/rewiring.
This light fixture is all original, appears to primarily be comprised of non-ferrous metals (minus the top mounting rod and fixture, which are steel), appearing to be die cast aluminum. The wiring is that very vintage material covered works. The fixture itself is still very display-worthy in site of the wear and tear of time (including nicks, scrapes, scratches, storage-oriented dustiness...quite a lot in the center portion seen in the last picture...I vacuumed it out but there's still debris and a few paint spots). This will be partially dismantled to enable shipping. See pics for more details. Thanks and !
Measurement details.
All measurements approximate due to this having tiers.
17.5 inches across
2 inch tall bulb input areas
5 inch center tier area (that contains the turn power switch)
29 inches in height from the ceiling mount cover to the power switch.