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Ladies Pendant Necklace Suite

This most beautiful pendant sits beautifully when worn. The genuine Antique Art Nouveau Amethyst & Diamond elegant drop pendant measures est 48mm from top amethyst to the lower drop. It is found in absolutely splendid museum condition. Each section suspends independantly which adds to the Art Nouveau theme. Antique Gold chains are as rare as 'hens teeth' this example is tagged up with the original '9ct' lozenge. The fine antique chain measures est 16 inches in lenth. This fine quality pendant necklace would make someone very happy by being able to wear it.

This would have been created during one of the most exciting eras - the ART NOUVEAU ERA

Jewellery was one of the purest, and most successful, expressions of Art Nouveau , using sensuous organic forms to create a vast range of examples of exceptional beauty and inventiveness

In 1895, in Paris , the pioneer city of so many world affecting art forms, the name of the Movement , Art Nouveau, was finally settled in the French language. In particular because
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