Antique Artistic Series Tuck & Sons Paper Doll

This lovely doll of lightweight cardboard is patented February 20, 1894, by Tuck & Sons, and stands 9 1/2" tall. She has a wardrobe of three beautiful gowns with matching hats, also of lightweight cardboard. Her head is attached separately, so the neck of the gown fits under the doll's neck, giving it a more realistic appearance. The doll is in excellent condition, with the exception of a creased right foot, and two creased fingers on her right hand. Also, the tab in back has been taped, and t is a spot on it which is missing some paper, probably from a former piece of tape. She does not stand alone. Overall the clothes are in very good condition considering their age,but with the following issues: T are several tabs missing on the clothes, and one piece of sticky tape on the back of each piece. T are tears under the tape on the back of two dresses and one hat. One hat is detached at the edge of the slit, and the white and pink hat has a spot. T are specks of missing paper on the yellow dress.
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