antique asian artistic metal tray

I found this piece at an estate sale of a local artist who traveled the world and pick up pieces like this and other artworks. The agent in charge of the sale new nothing of her collections. But it is obvious this is either from Japan or China with the cranes, bamboo, and flowers. I know that some Asian metal art is created using either etching, or hammered. I am not by any means a knowledgeable art person regarding this type of art. I do know as you can see the detail is simply amazing. Additionally, the woman who collected the art apparently knew what she was collecting as most of here artwork she had sold for high prices.
I could not find any markings/signatures on the front of the piece and seeing as it is mounted on the frame I do not want to try and take it off to see the back. I have not attempted to "clean" this piece, so it will come as I found it.
The actual tray dimensions are sides are 5/8" high x 6 1/4" wide and 9 1/8" tall.
Finally if anyone knows how this piece would/could have been created.
Thanks for looking.