Antique Asian Handmade Silk Embroidery Vintage Chinese

This antique handcrafted may be a skirt or apron but I am unsure. It is beautiful with embroidery work, stitched pleating and silk backing. I don't know what the other materials are. T is a thick piece of off white linen a tthe top with three loops at one end and eyelets about in the middle on both sides of the piece. The other end has one loop. It only measures 29 in. wide, so I can't imagine it fitting around someones waist correctly. It measures 38.5 in. long and 46 in. wide at the bottom. I believe it is Asian, possibly Chinese in origin because the embroidery of the two Asian children on the sewn on gold piece. This item also came from an estate w t were other Asian antiques collected as well. The center all the way down on this item is a neat pleated stitching in stripes of different colors. Each of the side panels has different stitching; one side being flowers and birds with many pastel colors and the other side is blue and white flowers. It has gold embroidery throughout the piece. I will try to answer questions to the best of my ability. Thanks for looking.