Antique assay balance; includes weight set and extras

Thisbalance was made of Belgian Congo Mahogany, about the turn of the century, bythe Thompson Balance Co. of Denver, Colorado , under a patent granted November 23, 1897 . It was constructed of the fine grade of Belgian Congo Mahogany that was commonly used to make the precision instruments of its day. It includes two 6.5" wide x 2.5" high x 5.25" deep drawers with black handles under the balance platform that contain the weights and extra tools. The balance consists of two 3" pans with a 6" precision balance beam supported on a lacquered brass pedestal that is 8" tall. Bearings on the balance beam are sharpened steel wedges that rest on polished agate flats. Bearings at the ends of the balance beam are of the same materials. Weighing was done by placing the unknown on the left pan and balancing it out with precision weights that were placed on the right pan. Fractions of weight below the mass marked on the individual weights were determined by counting the swings of the pendulum indicator and pro-rating the weight based on calibration procedures. This scale has a weighing capacity of about 200 grams.

The balance came from the assay shop of a small mining town that was north-west of Canyon City , Colorado . The town was abandoned by the latter part of the depression and sat idle for years. The town was purchased for salvage
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