Antique Austro Hungarian Leather Travel Inkwell & Desk

This is an antique leather travel desk. It was made between 1867 and 1918. The insignia on the metal lid of the inkwell has a dolphin around the anchor and a two-headed eagle above. Those are actually two symbols. The eagle is a symbol of power, and the double-headed eagle represents dual power. The dolphin around an anchor is a literary symbol - as in writing - as in traveling writing desk and inkwell.

"K.K. Priv." was the mark of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (which were represented by a double-headed eagle). The K.K. stands for Kaiserliche und Konigliche, which mean imperial and royal. The entire thing means imperial-royal privileged.

After the Compromise of 1867 (Ausgleich) established the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary, K.K. was used for and comprised agencies and institutions in the western part of the Habsburg empire ("kingdoms and lands represented in the Reichsrat") but not for the eastern part. The Dual Monarchy lasted until 1918, when it was dissolved in the aftermath of World War I.

The "desk" is like a notebook with an inkwell on top, along with a compartment for stamps. The inside has pockets for documents and paper and a writing board. T is also a loop on the outside for a pen. The tooled design denotes travel. At the top, t is a lady with a donkey, a flute playing man, a pig, a boy eating, and
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