Antique automobile pamphlet catalog Browniekar 1908

Wow...this should appeal to collectors of antique automobiles, automobilia literature, even toys and pedal cars. This was a real car, but it was marketed really to kids.

The Browniekar was built in Newark, NY from 1908 to 1911.

It was a two seater roadster, a "toy designed for "harmless sport and amusement ofthe young folks", but it was still a real car. Built by the Child's Automobile Company , it had a wheelbase of 66 inches and had a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that delivered 3 1/2 hp. Price was just $150.00, but in this catalog or pamphlet that's crossed out in red and it says $175.

This Browniekar had a top speed of 10 m.p.h. and was developed by William Birdsall, the engineer of the Mora four- and six-cylinder automobiles built in Newark, too, from 1906-1910.

The company name was changed to the Omar Motor Car Company .

This catalog or sales pamphlet is complete, 12 pages, color cover, some dirtiness of cover and tears in spine, complete pages, with sections on Illustration of the Browniekar, Introduction, Detailed Description, Illustration, Specifications, Cost of Maintenance, Guarantee, Orders and Terms, Book of Instructions.

It pretty much says that this is a real car, but was so simple that any child 8 and above could learn to drive it and maintain it.

Fantastic piece...please

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