Antique Baccarat Candelabra In Bambou Pattern

Antique Baccarat Candelabra In The Bambou Pattern (Circa 1900's)

Probably the highlight of the many fantastic finds from a local estate, is an antique Baccarat Candelabra, Circa early 1900's, in the Bambou pattern, a pattern so popular, that it is still marketed today.

The candelabra is assembled with six main pieces; the base, the screw-in double arm, two screw-in candle holders & two bobeches with prisms.

The condition of each piece is described as follows:

BASE: Minor nick on one lobe.

DOUBLE ARM: Good shape, hardware good, no obvious nicks, just a hint of roughness on raised edges in a few spots, unseen but can be felt.

HOLDERS: Very good condition, only minor wear from use.

BOBECHES: Both have light wear from use throughout the years; both have two replaced prisms, the original prisms on both have some minor nicks.

Measures about 13 ½" from bottom to top edge of bobeche. Base measures about 5" across, double arm holders measure about 7" from outer edge to outer edge (excluding bobeches) & about 9 ½" from edge to edge of bobeches when they're in place. The candelabra is signed on the bobeches & on the bases in block lettering "BACCARAT" as well as "DEPOSE".

Despite the stated imperfections, this candelabra makes a breathtaking display
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