Antique Ball~Atlas~Mason~ canning jars, & display crate

Welcome, and thank you for taking time out of your busy holiday schedule to visit with us :)

A little something to brighten your kitchen and make it your own. A nice little display for your wall.

It consists of:

A wooden JAK-A-LAK brand tomatoes crate, which was packed and shipped by Trulyn Shippers of Endinburg, Texas. It has a beautiful brightly colored label. T are two holes drilled in the back so it may be hung on your kitchen wall as a display shelf.

On display are eight auqa canning jars all with zinc lids.

Quart ATLAS Strong Shoulder Mason#6

Quart ATLAS Strong Shoulder Mason #8A

Quart BALL Perfect Mason #2

Quart BALL Perfect Mason #4

Quart BALL Perfect Mason #5

Quart BALL Perfect Mason #6

(Qty 2)Quart BALL Perfect Mason #7

T is an ALL PACK canning seal box and quite a few canning seals.

This unusual Ekco U.S.A. canning jar tool, to reach deep into the boiling pot to crasp the hot jar,

while saving the woman's hand from the heat.

This was hanging on my kitchen wall. I had nothing but wonderful comments on these over the years.

You may chose to display them in the same way at your home,

or perhaps you would like to mix it up a bit and use the crate shelf for something else.
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