Antique Beals & Selkirk Steamer Chest/Trunk Very Rare!!

Up for auction is a RARE antique Steamer Chest made by Beals and Selkirk.
I got it from my neighbor at a yard sale last summer. She and her husband had an attic full of treasures left by the previous home-owner. We are unsure of the exact date of manufacture, but after doing some research on the Beals and Selkirk company, my best guess is 1890-1910.
The company was founded in 1889 in Detroit before relocating to Wyandotte, Michigan a few years later. The trunks produced by Beals and Selkirk were considered to be amongst the finest of their time. These trunks were built to withstand the toughest of handling. They were reinforced with leather or metal corners, straps, bumpers. handles, hinges, and locks . After a fire and rebuild in 1902, these trunks were shipped nationwide. After the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 left thousands of people homeless, Beals and Selkirk sent 6 carloads of trunks. They also mass produced a simpler style for the army during WWI and WWII. By the 1920's, the Beals and Selkirk company shifted from trunks to handbags, appliance covers, and doctors' bags. This particular trunk is is good working order, with its only defects being minor cosmetic ones. Obviously with its age, it has some bumps and bruises. There are no keys, the leather strap is broken with a portion of it still under the metal,
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