Antique Bing Girl Doll with Mohair Wig - Straw Filled - Lenci, Kathe Kruse Style

Here is a sweet Bing Brothers (Bing Werke or Bing Werke Corporation) Art Doll for the serious collector.
Made prior to 1932 (the year that the Bing Brothers went out of business). Although she is unmarked, my research indicates she was made in Germany by Bing Werke, the only toy factory in Nuremberg to remain open during World War I. Her exact year of production is unknown, between 1882 and 1932.
You'll love her straw-stuffed body, heavily painted mask style face, her mitt hands with stitched fingers and separate thumbs, delicate flower dress and blue plaid bonnet. She looks so real, especially with her big blue eyes and dark brown mohair wig (still mostly attached).
You'll appreciate the crossover appeal that she has, borrowing from both Lenci Dolls with molded painted features and pressed face, along with attributes of Kathe Kruse.
Being an antique, and a played with doll, she does have some wear. The black paint in her right eye has been scratched off. That could be easily fixed, but I prefer to leave that up to the winning bidder to decide when she arrives at your home. Also there is an indentation on the back of her neck; Looks like someone pressed their finger into her neck too hard. Light staining on the front of her, near the neck. Dress and bonnet are in very good condition, along with under garments.
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