Antique Blown & Cut Glass Small Covered Bowl, Sandwich

IMPORTANT...You must use SUPERSIZE to see an enlarged picture. The Larger Picture option which is below this auction listing does not always work correctly, often times it will show the wrong picture.. I have no idea why this happens.. . You are bidding on this small, antique, blown glass, covered bowl shown. It may be a little sugar bowl....Size, just over 3-3/4" high to the finial on the cover, and 3-1/8" diameter at the top of the bowl... I don't know glass very well, but I know that this is blown glass, because the bottom has a concaved upward ground area.The base ring has wear and scratches from age. This glass is heavy and very clear. It has a dull ring, like the sound of flint glass..I am wondering if its Boston and Sandwich glass, or another similar maker, maybe Cambridge or Dorflinger..If you know who made this bowl please let me know.. The top of the finial has been ground flat and polished and has little cuts on the bevel. The bowl has 15 small flat areas, and the cover has 13 of the same ground flat areas. Both the bowl and cover have cut lines..The little cut lines are on the bowls mid section exterior and top edge.... The 1/2" long lines on the cover are cut on the underside..The cover is gound under the finial, but you can still see an imperfection from being blown in the glass from aboves.. Otherwise its in very good ... read more