Up for auction is a matching pair of antique Bohemian Glass Pokals. They are amber etched and cut with a stag and doe design at the top with a leaf vine design around the base. They have faceted finials. They stand 14 1/2" tall and 6 1/2" across the top at the widest point. They are both in excellent condition, no chips or cracks.

is some research on the stag & doe motif : The most famous spas are located in western Bohemia - Carlsbad Carlsbad . The town was established around 1350, when a hunting lodge was built on the site of the current castle tower. According to legend, the hot spring was discovered by King Charles IV and his hunting party. Supposedly the hunters had chased a deer all the way up to the top of a steep rocky cliff. The brave deer plunged into a gorge ahead, the hunters descended into the valley w they found a hot spring spewing from the earth instead of the deer . The king decided to establish a town The cliff, from which the deer had jumped, is now called Deer âe(tm)s jump (Jelení skok) and a statue of a deer is one of the symbols of Carlsbad . The first public spa building, Mlýnské spa, was not built until many years later in 1711.