antique book 1939 Unforgotten Years Logan Pearsall Smith-Walt Whitman Paris Etc

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"Logan Pearsall Smith (18 October 1865 - 2 March 1946) was an American-born essayist and critic who became a British subject in 1913. Harvard and Oxford educated, he was known for his aphorisms and epigrams, and was an expert on 17th-century divines. His Words and Idioms made him an authority on correct English language usage. He wrote his autobiography, Unforgotten years, for which he may be best remembered."

As a child Logan hung out with an aged Walt Whitman. Smith writes about this in this book. He also covers his travels around Europe.

Condition See pictures. No dust jacket. Name stamp and pencil price on 1st sheet. Last 3 white sheets dogeared (after the writing has concluded). Last sheet has small tear. Binding is tight.