Antique Book Set Popular Science 1924

Here is one totally and truly amazing set of science books Ã,Â- to die for! Just flipping through them I see that there is all the information in the whole world right here. These books are copyrighted 1924 by Grolier Society printed by the Colonial Press in Boston Mass. There are fifteen volumes here Ã,Â- I donÃ,Â't know exactly how many volumes should be in a set but this one has volumes 1-15 missing the volume number 7. Each volume measures 9 Ã,¾Ã,Â" x 6 Ã,¾Ã,Â" x 1 Ã,½Ã,Â". I donÃ,Â't think IÃ,Â'm going to live long enough to go through every book here let me just start by saying that they are sort of leather bound with gold embossing with central blue fabric cloth boards. The condition of all of these volumes is very good Ã,Â- the bindings are good, the pages are nice Ã,Â- I donÃ,Â't see any but just for safety sake IÃ,Â'm going to say that there may be a little bit of browning on a page or two here and there. There are no turned in corners or anything like that they really are in good condition. They do have a tiny bit of rubbing and bumping to the top and bottom of a few of the spines. Apparently this was in somebodyÃ,Â's library for a long time and really really well used. IÃ,Â'm going to try to give you a few of the high points from each volume so bear with me it is quite a bit and let me just say these volumes are truly ... read more