This item is an original drawing from the late 19th century, estimated at 1870. The artist has not signed their work, but a note on a seperate piece of paper reads 'Paintings by Mrs Cole, Mrs Geordie's Aunt.'

-Botanical subjects were popular with drawing masters, who were largely active in the 19th Century.
-The lack of deterioration of the image. The storage of the image is unknown, but its condition is impeccable. This suggests acid-free paper, which became more readily available after the mid to mate 19th century paper production revolution, and causes less fading. This paper was however more expensive, and could therefore only be afforded by the upper classes. This corroborates the drawing master theory.
-Upon close inspection of the paper and in comparison to another dated image from 1870 the construction of both images' paper is near-identical.

Therefore I have ascribed a tentative date of 1870s - although I am NOT AN ART HISTORIAN and could be wrong. There is no doubting that the drawing is a century old, in any case.

The images are slightly larger than A4 paper, at 11.25in x 9in. The drawings are highly detailed, as the pictures show, and done in coloured/graphite pencil.

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