Antique Bottles Blue/Green Hand Dug-Provincetown MA

This is a collection of (14) Antique Bottles all dug in Provincetown, Massachusetts. They are all blues,greens and a few clear. There are 12 embossed bottles that read:
1. Scott's Emulsion-Cod Liver Oil with Lime & Soda (Great Picture Too!) 2. Moxie Soda Bottle (Whole Clam Shell Stuck Inside) 3. Dr. Kilmer's Sample Bottle Swamp Root Kidney Remedy-Binghampton, NY 4. Dr. Haynes Arabian Balsam E. Morgan & Sons-Providence RI 5. Chas. H. Fletcher's Castoria 6. Simpson & Pring Co. South Easton 7. J.L. Panesis & Co. Hyannis Well Spring-Hyannis, Mass. 8. Potter Drug & Chem. Corp.-Boston, Mass. USA 9. Red Sea Balsam-New Bedford, Mass. 10. Whittemore Boston French Gloss 11. Lantrell Lochrane (?) 12. Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason
There are (2) that are not embossed. One is four sided and still has part of the cork in it and the other looks like it could be an early insulin bottle. (It still has liquid in it!)
All bottles are in excellent condition but may have a chip here or a nick there. They were all hand dug in Provincetown, Massachusetts.