Antique Boy/Girl Dutch Shepard Figurines

Adorable Set of Boy/Girl Dutch Shepard Figurines
Pre-War Design!

This sweet set of figurines has traveled many centuries hand in hand with one another. Original ceramic detailing . 1-inch size chip on the back of the male figurine and a very small chip on the bottom front of his base. The top portion of the boy's head has been glued after a substantial crack. The crack is barely noticeable at close range except for a small, pen-head sized chip in his lip. Again, the renovation to his face was well done and very hard to see.

Female is completely intact . T are two very small marks on her face that are difficult to see and do not take away from her face at all.

These figurines were HAND-MADE . They were not mass produced. You can actually see the finger marks on the inside of the statues. The only markings on the figurines are small numbers set into the porcelain. Both the boy and girl are number 14 made, out of what is likely a small number.

Real gold accents on the trim of the girl's shirt and skirt, as well as on the boy's shirt and shoes.

Both are about 11 inches tall.

This was meant to be a pair, positioned together as each figurine, when placed in juxtaposition, face inward to one another. They are also dressed in matching clothes and color schemes .

The small
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