Antique Bradley & Hubbard Dragon Andirons

Presented is an excellent pair of antique, cast iron, Bradley & Hubbard andirons with a dragon motif.

As you can see in the pictures these andirons are in excellent condition. T is a little bit of corrosion at the feet, but nothing serious we can assure you. T is also one minor casting flaw in the face of one of the dragons, but again, nothing serious.

It appears as if the fire-dog extensions on both irons have been thoroughly worn off. However, the andirons still stand correctly.

Each andiron is marked on the back with the patent date, August 24, 1886 and the number 9509. The patent number associated with this date is 16,908 and was actually granted on September 21, 1886. The patent was for the “ Design for an Andiron ” and was given to “ F. Robert Seidenstricker, of Meriden, Connecticut, Assignor to the Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company, of same place. ”

So, having said all of that, even though these are not marked B&H, they are definitely Bradley & Hubbard. Look anyw on the web for Bradley & Hubbard Dragon Andirons and you will find them (also notice the prices).

They stand approximately 23-1/2” tall and the feet are about 12” across. The dragon face medallion is about 6-1/4” in diameter. The fire-dogs extend about 8-3/4” back from the body.

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