Antique Brass Bulb Reed Style Clown Bike Auto Horn

You are bidding on a Fully Functional Original Vintage Brass horn from the late 1960's made in India by I believe Star. It has a sticker on it still saying made in India! I am not 100% sure of the maker but the other horn I sold had Star written on the rubber and it was exactly the same except for the writing on the bulb. This one has the number "14" on the bulb. The rubber is nearly perfect and not rotted. It is stiff from never being used but this has been kept wrapped up for years. The end with the rubber screws off to expost the reed inside that is still in great condtion after many years. This was never heaviIy used at all. I have several of these horns still wrapped up and they have been kept in store stock in an old 100 year old halloween store. They were used to mount onto a bike or car for clowns. Great gift or for use. Their is very little tarnish on the brass itself and would polish up very well!! The horn measures 17X9 roughly. I have seen some on like this but not in top condtion like this one! It weighs almost one pound so shipping with a box and bubble wrap will be 1-2 lbs USPS you can calculate it yourself from 44708 to your zip. I dont try to make money on shipping as you can see by my other listings I usually beat shipping costs of most sellers!

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