Antique Brass Cast Iron Andirons Lion Claw Ball 18

Antique Cast Iron Andirons, Puritan, 18" with Brass Balls, Lion Face, Claws

Medium size, 18" high, this pair of exquisite cast iron and brass andirons are ca. 1920s, marked Puritan on the log holders. Complete with brass log stops, a good looking pair with their lion head bases, including well figured paws and balls. Some surface rust (rust in the south just jumps onto anything not inside climate controlled storage, so in the garage, they got orange, but that's just surface and will clean off easily).

Would fit fireplace opening 24-30" tall -- one does need some air around andirons both ways or they look squooshed. Log holders secured with bolts, will come apart for shipping safely and packing easier. Top is brass, big fat globes make a good statement A few minimal dings to brass balls, which are 4" across. Log holders from stops to end are 12", total length 18" and total front width each is 9". No repairs, missing parts, solder, cracks, etc. See for yourself!

No cracks, no missing details. Surface rust on back inside. A fairly recent coat of stove black. Marked Jewel on the log holders. Complete and ready to use. Log holders extend 9" from log stops to end of the rod. Total length is just under 16" -- each front is 8" wide. See for yourself!

No packing and handling charge. Your choice of carrier
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