Antique Brass New Haven Mantle Clock Circa 1800 - 1900

Early Antique Mid Size Brass Gilt Brass Mantel Clock Period Circa late 1800 early 1900's. 10 1/2 H x 4 1/2 D x 5" W.

Beautiful brass gilt with nice ornate design. Figural woman by a vine or tree. This has very nice weight. Also has the key.

You will need to bring to a clock smith for it is Not In Working condition. In my observation I feel the clock may have been overwound, when I turn the big hand around I do get it to tick for a couple of seconds and then it stops. The key will not turn clockwise but when I turned it counter clockwise I had no problem. I only went back about an inch worth, I do not know anything about clocks and didn't know if this would cause it harm so I only tried it a little to make sure it moved. All parts are there. Dial hands are nice and tight and the clock is in very sound cond. with the right hand I feel you can have it running the way it should. Pics 8-11 show all 4 sides of works and pic 12 shows the order in which it goes together. The beveled glass is in great condition and so is the porcelain dial. Which states " Made by the New Haven Clock Co. New Haven Conn. U.S.A." I have listed this as brass gilt, It seems to be a heavy metal that has been given the gold color you see. This clock would actually look beautiful with a gold leafing over it if you don't like the way it is in its
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