Antique Brass Ibis w/Snake In Beak Candle Sticks

An absolutely stunning pair of candlesticks! The exact age of these and the maker is unknown. I could not find anything that even comes close to these.

On the base of one of these someone had peeled the bottom back to reveal that the base is made from a cast brass. The exposed area shows the casting underneath. The rounded pedestal base measures approximately 3.75" across and it is 1.75" high.

The Ibis sits atop the base seemingly resting on a log. The candleholder flanks his head. Wrapped around his head and neck and captured in his beak is a snake. The Ibis itself measures approximately 6.25" high to the top of his head. HIs beak extends out approximately 1.75".

The maker reveals a finely detailed body with delicate lines on the feathers and back. The head shows detail in the eyes and the head of the snake. There are even small scales on the back of the snake. The legs of the Ibis have ridges and fine detail ending at the detailed talons of the bird.

The bowl shaped candle holder has a removeable drip plate that sits inside the bowl.

These have a lovely patina to them although it appears that at some point someone tried to clean them. There are traces of residue from a cleaner in some of the feathers, on the feet and on the beak. There are some scratches and some green spots on these.
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