Antique Brass Surveyor's Dip Needle Compass Brooklyn NY

This antique brass Dip/Dipping needle made by the " Jos. G. Pollard Co., Brooklyn, NY " is complete with its original case/box. It was used by a utility company or surveyor to locate metallic objects located underground. When the compass was held vertically, in line with magnetic north, the needle dipped downward indicating the presence of ferrous metals. The compass, which can be read from both sides, is in good condition but does have some wear on the name on one side. The 5 x 5" box is sound but shows signs of its age ( see photo ). T are typed instructions, made by a previous owner, that are glued to the inside lid. My guess is that this dates to the early 1900s. Priority shipping will be $4.85 ( I SHIP ONLY TO THE USA!!! ) and insurance is available upon request. Paypal only. Thanks for looking.