Antique British Military marching drum mid 19th century

This is quite a rare find. This is a British military drum from the 19th century. It has on it the United Kingdom royal coat of arms that came into use in 1837. This coat of arms came into use when Queen Victoria ascended to the throne. I was told when purchasing the drum that it was acquired in Canada. I have no factual basis for this, but wonder if this drum was used in the Rebellion of Lower Canada that took place in 1838 w the British were involved. The age of the drum seems consistent with this period.

The drum is 12 inches tall and 14 ½ inches wide. The sides of the drum are painted in blue. The coat of arms has a unicorn on the right side and a lion on the left. The size of the coat of arms including the lion and unicorn is approx 11 inches across and 8 ½ inches wide. The coat of arms, which is white, red and gold appears to be a sort of decal over the blue paint. T is a wood border that goes around the diameter of the drum at the top and the bottom. The wood is ½ inch thick. W it connects it is nailed together by hand made irregular nails. The construction is consistent with what you would expect in the early to mid 1800's. The wood has the original red, white and black paint. The bottom of the drum has a wood base that is secured in place by 3 nails. The nails have nice age to them and so does the wood, meaning I
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