This is a Very Rare and hard to find British Model 1830 Mameluke Officers dress sword that originally came from an auction. The stamp on the handle represents the date, April, 1837 and was made by Harmon & Co, Calcutta, India. The hilt or grip is missing the ivory slabs and was auctioned like this orginally. T is no scabbard with the sword . Note also the damage on one of the languets. On top of the blade is the inspectors mark which is very common for military swords. The overall length of the sword is 37 1/2 inches by 5/16 inch thick by 1 1/16 wide at the guard. The guard, mameluke, is 5 inches by 5 inches including the handle. As far as information on Harmon & Co. from Calcutta, India, this is what I have found:

A Victorian Officer's uniform of the 66th Volunteers Regiment (Berkshire Regiment), comprising of a scarlet tunic, with white facings, gold lace, and red shoulder cords; a conforming dress tunic, each tailored by 'Harman & Co' ; a crimson silk waist sash; an Officer's shako, the black beaver body, leather top and peak, applied with gilt metal shako plate, chin strap and ball tuft, contained its tin case bearing the name 'Major W.S Sherwill'; and a rectangular gilt metal shoulder plate with applied devices of the 66th Volunteers. NB; Walter Stanhope Sherwill, born on 31st August 1815, he was the son
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