This is a wonderful Bronze piece that is signed by the craftsman that made it. I think it is an old Candlestick holder, Antique Vintage by the feel of it. I cannot read the writing, it isn't English at all. Perhaps European or Russian.

the work in the Scupture has great detail and Piece is in wonderful condition.

Is heavy and sturdy. The Bears measure 6 1/2 inches high with the candle sticks going up as much as 4 in. more. It measures 9 1/2 in wide. Weighs 3 lbs. Superb addition to your table!

Friday 3/14/08 4:45pm....I just learned that this item does not have a signature on the the bronze....It is on a paper attached to the bottom. It is shown in the picture. t is no signature or marking on the bronze itself. I apologize if I misled anyone. It was not intentional.