Antique Brotherhood Wine/Liquor Salesman Sample Case

For your consideration is this one of a kind, very unique and unusual item. It is a Salesman Wine and Liquor sample case. It dates back to the late 1800's to early 1900's. It is in good condition for it's age, complete with 11 out of the 12 bottles that it originally included. All bottles are thin glass with cork stoppers, some even have what remains of the contents! Three corks are broken from thier bottles. The case also comes with a tiny sample shot glass, also made of very thin glass. The case itself is leather outside and purple velvet inside. Some of the bottles have the labels on them and read: "Old Great Delaware", "Medicinal Port", "Old Dry Sherry", "Emerson's Old 5X Rye", "Tokay", "Bourbon", Regal Club Penn. Rye". We have found that underneath the bottles are price lists from the Brotherhood Wine Company. The Brotherhood Wine Company states that it is the oldest Wine Company in the US and was founded around 1858. In 1886. ownership of the winery came under the father and son names of James M. and Edward R. Emerson. Hence the name on one of the bottle "Emerson's Old 5X Rye". These price lists, used as liners in the case are included.